Ridgeway Route Plan

As my first expedition starts in approximately two days time I thought that it might be useful to put up the route so that you can get a better idea of where I’ll be over the next six days.  I have also included the distance in miles and where I will be staying.  There is also a really useful map section which can be found here on the National Trail website, along with lots of other interesting facts about the Ridgeway.  On my return from the walk you will also be able to link through to the diary for that leg of the journey:

11th August

Start: Overton Hill
Finish: Ogbourne St George
Camp Ground: Fox Lynch Camp Site
Distance: 9 Miles

12 August

Start: Ogbourne St George
Finish: Court Hill
Camp Ground: Court Hill Centre
Distance: 19 Miles

13th August
Start: Court Hill
Finish: Streatley
Camp Ground: Wild Camping
Distance: 14 Miles

14th August
Start: Streatley
Finish: Watlington
Camp Ground: White Mark Farm
Distance: 15 Miles

15th August

Start: Watlington
Finish: Princes Risborough
Camp Ground: Wild Camping
Distance: 11 Miles

16th August
Start: Princes Risborough
Finish: Ivinghoe Beacon
Camp Ground: Town Farm Camping
Distance: 17.5 Miles


3 responses to “Ridgeway Route Plan

  1. Hi Matthew,good to meet you on the Ridgeway and sink a couple of pints at the Inn With The Well.I very much enjoyed your write up and photos. I had to give up on day 3- blisters due to not wearing my boots in!
    Kind Regards,David

    • Hi David. Thanks for the comment, it was a really good evening in the Inn with the Well. Sorry to hear about the blisters, I had an absolutely huge one for the last three days. I hope you enjoy the rest of the posts.

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